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Once upon a time in 1997, Judi asked me to email her to let her know when
the soundchamber was free for testing. I started out typing "the Lab is free"
but, um, got a bit carried away... -- Vit

FREE Sessions!

by Vit

Having trouble with your respondometer?
Is discrimination getting you down?
Is it harder for you to be consistent?

Well kick back and relax because, yes folks, the amazing old
Psychophysics Lab is now FREE!!
That's right! It's FREE for EVERY session YOU want to run!!

NOT ONLY will you be closer to finishing your experimentation,
but with our revolutionary continuous rating scale PLUS the amazing
benefits of GOC analysis, YOU'LL NEVER HAVE TO WORRY about
setting your criterion EVER AGAIN!!


Want to remove all the unique noise from your results but find you just don't have the time to run that infinite number of replications?
Well for just MINUTES A DAY, that's right, just MINUTES A DAY, you too can be on your way to achieving the PERFECT RESULT.

Here what a customer had to say:

 "My husband couldn't believe the results he saw.
 The Psychophysics Laboratory is all I need to
 get better than chance performance. I can't thank
 them enough. They've changed my whole life!!"

The Psychophysics Laboratory. What could be easier?? And at the end of each session, your results can be quickly folded away for convenient storage.

Don't delay! Try now! Our friendly experimenters are waiting

(Some results may vary. Thesis write-up not included.)

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