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I am a hearing research consultant, based in Wellington, New Zealand. Thanks to the internet, I am able to work with clients and colleagues from all over the world. The time-zone differences often work in our favor, allowing us to keep projects going 24 hours a day.

I have expertise in otoacoustic emissions, middle-ear power flow (reflectance), hearing conservation, psychophysics, and experimental psychology. Most of my work involves writing scientific papers, presentations, and grants; analyzing data (using Matlab, Access, Statistica, and, when forced, Excel); specifying, testing and evaluating audiological equipment and software; and overseeing projects.

My Ph.D. was in the psychophysics of human hearing, supervised by John Whitmore at the Psychophysics Laboratory, Victoria University of Wellington. In 1999, I took up a contract position in the USA where I was fortunate to work with Lynne Marshall and Pat Jeng. Our projects investigated the use of evoked otoacoustic emissions in hearing-conservation programs. In Oct 2003, I returned to New Zealand where I continue to do research in these areas.

If my research services would be of use to you, please contact me for a no-obligation assessment or quote.

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