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Linton became involved in psychophysics research when he began working as a computer programmer in the School of Psychology at Victoria University. After helping completely rebuild the lab's experimental system, he volunteered as a subject for Judi's experiments, and completed an honour's course in psychophysics.

Current Research

In his spare time, Linton is currently playing with ways of improving algorithms for Vit Drga's FORCE analysis and Brian Scurfield's multi-event analysis.


  • Miller, L. M. (1994) Flexible table-driven parsing for natural language processing. Masters thesis. Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.
    (nothing to do with psychophysics!)


  • Lapsley Miller, J. A., Drga, V., and Miller, L. M. (2001) Evidence that the energy detector is not an appropriate model for Gaussian noise detection in humans. Assoc. Res. Otolaryngol Abs. 24, 250. (Poster presentation - February 2001).
  • Miller, L. M. (1996) Evaluating Complex Systems using the Theory of Signal Detectability and Information Theory. Mathematical and Computing Sciences Research Seminar, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

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