The Psychophysics Psyber Lab




The Trials of Judi & Linton

by Vit

A young psychophysical lass,
Thought pushing two buttons was crass,
So she chop'd up a scale,
On a little slide-rail,
And started to data-amass.

Her hubby then at her request,
Turned into a soundchamber guest,
So all of his drivers,
And multiple timers,
Could help put his ears to the test.

Through eighteen conditions did they,
At five SNRs slog away,
With ratings galore,
Their ears became sore,
Developing calloused pinnae.

The data was gathered in piles,
From hundreds of thousands of trials,
The slider in track,
Was moved forth and back,
For many long dozens of miles.

This explains why they don't have the urge,
To return to the lab to submerge,
In empirical steps,
To collect some more reps,
For conditions that didn't converge.

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