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Vit Drga's Abstracts

Estimating errorless performance in discrimination tasks

Vit Drga

27 October 1995

Psychology Department Research Seminar


Error due to observer inconsistency occurs in any discrimination task in psychology. Replicating such tasks using the same stimuli shows the extent of the error. This error can be reduced by means of Group Operating Characteristic (GOC) analysis. All combinations analysis is an extension of GOC analysis requiring the calculation of all GOC curves formed from all possible combinations (or subsets) from a given set of replications. The mean performance for each subject size is determined, showing how task performance improves as replications are added. Typically, a function of replications added increases sharply and then tends towards some asymptote which represents errorless performance. This talk presents an original method for estimating asymptotic performance. The method will be illustrated using data from an aural amplitude discrimination experiment.

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